Search Engine Marketing

Imagine food without salt. How is it? Tasteless?

That’s exactly how a business is without internet marketing.

Over 3 billion people use the internet to read, shop, download, check details, get information, create content or interact with each other. Every day, thousands log on to their computers or mobile devices to search for items or services that you provide. If the first few search results do not highlight your website, you may be losing the opportunity to reach new customers and ultimately increase your revenue. At TWIF Marketing, we can help you reach the online target audience you want.

At 60 percent, search engine marketing (SEM) is the largest driver of traffic to websites across sectors. It uses optimization and advertising to increase the visibility of web pages in search engine results page (SERPs). Having evolved greatly from the teething years of the 1990s when search engines appeared to help people find information quickly, to now, where SEM covers a multitude of activities, including search engine optimization, paid listings and site submissions.

SEM uses the following metrics for site optimization:

  • Keyword research and analysis to find the most relevant and popular keywords for your business.
  • Website popularity to evaluate indexed pages of the website and checking the backlinks.
  • Back end tools, HTML validation, scripting, creating landing pages, competitor analysis, results comparison, etc., to evaluate the results and meet the W3C code standards.
  • Mobile friendless for checking your website and ensuring that even the mobile, smartphone and tablet users can access it freely.
  • Paid inclusions that catalogue the webpages on a regular basis.

Although a major part of SEM is intuitive, it gives amazing outcomes when a structured approach is followed. We cover it aggressively with our time-tested assessment capabilities and manage both stand alone or sophisticated approaches.

If your business needs a push to become visible to your online targeted consumers, contact us today to discuss your options. Together, we can design a successful search engine marketing campaign that can go a long way in establishing you as leading player in your area or industry.