Internet Marketing

Five tips to make your web-site work for you, not against you!

1. Use a web designer that understands direct response marketing, not just web site design.

People make buying decisions based more on what a website has to offer than how it looks.

2. Resist the urge to clutter your home page with Flash or other animation.

Visitors come to your website for information to help them make informed choices. Unless your site has won a prestigious design award, most people probably don’t come to your site to be entertained.

3. Make sure you have an effective headline and lead-in copy on your home page.

Visitors decide if a website is worth their attention within three to five seconds! If your home page lacks a compelling reason to stay, more will click away.

4. Make sure you have a contact capture strategy.

One of the internet’s most powerful advantages is its interactivity to local as well as global markets. Use it! Without contact capture, you could be missing thousands – or even millions – of sales opportunities.

5. Finally, have a strong call-to-action on every page of your site.

Many websites don’t even try to get visitors to take the desired action. That’s like making a sales presentation without asking for the sale!

Sounds simple, right?

But our research shows that more than nine out of ten websites lack these critical components.

It is the integration of web design, content development, and Internet marketing with traffic-generation tactics that is important to the success of your website. Without an active Internet marketing strategy any great website will fail.